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  • What a BEAUTIFUL day to run in Baltimore yesterday. Team Sadie shined! THANK YOU’S: We can’t possibly pull off such a great event as yesterday without the help of many, many friends of Sadie’s Gift. The first one has to go to our Hospitality Tent Masters the Wolf’s and the Rives!! I hope you had a chance to thank […]

  • We are excited about a guest post today by Carrie Kilareski from Virginia. This will be Carrie’s 3rd year running with Team Sadie and 2nd for her kids Matthew & Sarah in the fun run. Sarah’s story is so inspirational, we have been excited to share it with you. Our Sadie was almost named Sarah […]

  • Team Sadie is now on Twitter! Follow us @teamsadie. We have thrown out a couple test tweets and we’re learning the lingo (#newbies)!  We know it will become increasingly useful as our event days approach. (And after one corny post, Jason’s tweeting privileges have been revoked indefinitely.) Follow with confidence my friends! -Amy

  • We are so excited to introduce you to our new website! Welcome. We are so grateful to our friend (and Team Sadie runner!) Debbie Bates Schrott and her peeps at Bates Creative Group. Vince and Ozzy made all the magic happen behind the scenes and you can see how amazing it turned out. Thank you! […]

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