I wanted to take a minute to make sure this week does not pass by without you knowing something. This is a week of greatness. That is what I think of with everything you have all accomplished in your training for this week’s event, your fundraising efforts for Team Sadie, and your overwhelming generosity of everything you have done for Sadie, and for us over the past six years.

It is this greatness that inspires me to share with you all just exactly how we got here:

  • There was a little girl named Sadie that died. She set this whole ball in motion.
  • There is an amazing doctor named Kristen that attempted with all her might to save Sadie’s life.
  • There is this guy Steve who had a vision of people running in Baltimore in Sadie’s name.
  • There is an energetic woman named Jennifer at Hopkins who agreed Steve’s idea was a good one and she would champion it for us.
  • As the six years since have passed, there have been people named Frank, Dawn, Heather, Scott, Jill, Amy, Joel, Peggy, Ken, Debbie, Mark, Neddy, Rob, Tim, Steve, Kirk, Jeff, Lee (3 Lee’s in fact), Eric, Chris, Ananta, Trey, JJ, Shelly, James, Chirstine, Mike, Deb, Julia, Jenny, Jessica, Bryan, Tina, Sharon, Mike, Daniel…and the list literally goes on and on with over 1,000 runners, thousands of donors and hundreds of helping hands.

Through all of your help, Sadie’s Gift has raised almost $400k in just 6 short years. Your gifts of generosity have helped make a great hospital even greater, have helped make sick children better through new private consultation rooms for families, the purchase of Sim Sadie, and the partial funding of Simulation Training wherby doctors from around the country can come to learn the latest and greatest techniques in a Simutlated Boot Camp.

This greatness that you have all shown inspires me to challenge all of us to be even greater. To see if we can fully fund the Simulation Boot Camp by 2016, when Sadie would have been 10 years old. To acheive this, we need ONE MILLION DOLLARS! This will take a GREAT effort on the part of all of us, but I know we can acheive this together!

Can I ask you to be even more courageous than you already are? I realize most of you signed up to raise or donate $250, but do you think with some extra effort right now, you can be courageous and do more? Can I ask you to take few minutes and send another shout out to ALL of your friends and family with donation links and tell them what you are doing this Saturday and why? Can I ask you to link your fundraising page to your Facebook account? Can I ask you to be bold with your fundraising requests?

What we are trying to do as a team is bold and courageous and I’m asking you to take the challenge today, right now, right this minute. Statistically speaking, if each of us were able to get 10 more donations from now until Saturday, then we would be another $50,000 closer to that million. We can do that! I know we can!

For information on how to link to your page, etc. – please visit our Fundraising 101 entry.

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